Flowdan Munich Festival

About Synchronicity

We're team players.

Owned and managed by Nikki Acute and Ross Ashley, we consciously and carefully craft our roster and limit it’s size, to allow us the time to offer a genuinely personalised and dedicated service to our artists and event promoters to help you reach your goals.

Time is of the essence.

We know time is the most valuable currency, so our passionate and adaptable team will help you achieve your goals within your timeframes.

We're all about growth.

We exist to push the scene forward. We work in an ever-changing, ever-developing industry, and development is crucial for the evolution and survival of anything in life. We just so happen to absolutely love electronic music and all the components within it, including artists, events, press, programming and driving awareness of inclusivity and eco-responsibility, so we’re focused on doing our bit to keep things moving.

We're not your traditional booking agency.

We are in regular communication with our artists, and whilst we never claim to be managers, we certainly blend the role of manager and agent when it comes to our service, a ‘mangent’ if you like. We thrive on helping artists achieve their potential and passionately aid their career and profile development in whichever ways make sense for them. We do this in many ways, such as running press campaigns and gaining placements, marketing, brainstorming, advice on licensing and music rights… the list goes on.

We do this because we love it.

Our founders have more than 15 years of experience in the electronic music world, both (thoroughly) enjoying it and working in it. We’re here to help achieve the dreams of our promoters, artists and the scene.

We pride ourselves on approachability.

We’re a friendly bunch who love and enjoy what we do and what’s better than being friendly and approachable? No, we can’t think of a better way either. So if you see us at an event, come and say hi! Or drop us an email.