Based: Bristol, UK

Neffa-T’s meteoric rise has been punctuated by remarkable achievements, including his mind-blowing 6-deck technical mix, which garnered global recognition when shared by the esteemed Pioneer brand. This awe-inspiring display of skill showcases his ability to push the boundaries of DJing, captivating listeners with a mind-bending audio journey. Moreover, Neffa-T has had the privilege of gracing the streams of renowned platforms such as Keep Hush and Boiler Room, where he effortlessly connects with crowds and injects his infectious energy into every performance.

The artistic prowess of Neffa-T knows no limits when it comes to musical exploration. With an expansive repertoire, he fearlessly traverses genres, seamlessly blending 140, dubstep, grime, Techno, and beyond to create a mesmerising fusion of sound. Through the deft manipulation of three, four, or even more decks, Neffa-T crafts a unique sonic experience that showcases his influences while incorporating his own original productions and exclusive unreleased tracks. This sonic tapestry promises to transport audiences into uncharted musical realms.

Neffa-T’s dedication to his craft extends beyond the DJ booth. His exceptional talents as a producer have garnered recognition from esteemed labels, leading to notable releases. Collaborations with industry innovators such as SUBPAC and White Peach have further cemented his reputation as a forward-thinking artist. With an ever-expanding discography, Neffa-T continues to push creative boundaries and captivate listeners with forthcoming projects that showcase his evolution as a musical visionary.


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Enquiry for: Neffa-T


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