Based: London, UK

Established in 2012 as a dance which then evolved into a label in 2013, System Music has been setting the standard in bass driven, dub influenced music and sound system culture ever since.

Run by Southall born-and-bred, V.I.V.E.K who has been immersed in sound system culture since his earliest musical footsteps and has been a student of eminent systems such as Aba Shanti and Jah Shaka. A total respect to the culture’s rich heritage is evident in all of his operations, using his own hand-built and tailor made sound system at the System events which attract committed fans from around the globe to join in unity and witness an unpretentious and explorative session of low frequencies and raised gun fingers.

The System Music label has not only housed some of V.I.V.E.K’s finest productions but also provides a platform for some of the best in the scene, with releases from Karma to Kromestar, Drone to SP:MC and Headland to Quest. This delicate balance of old school and newer generation has created a unique soundscape which in-keeps with sound system traditions and values whilst also consistently providing an original uncompromising sound.


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Enquiry for: SYSTEM Music


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